You’re Going to Want to Add This Mess-Free Dish Rack to Your Kitchen Remodel Plans

Alyssa Rosenheck

Whether you live in a shoebox New York City apartment or a three-bedroom suburban home, maintaining an organized kitchen is difficult. But for three renovations arranged by Sweeten, a resource that pairs homeowners and contractors (post your own project here), storage solutions didn’t come in the form of decanted grains or carefully curated open shelving. Ahead, discover the strategically (and sneakily) placed features that keep three city apartment kitchens tidy through every weeknight dinner and holiday party. 

The Inset Paper Towel Roll


In the battle for a prime countertop spot, paper towels often lose out to higher-priority items like coffee makers or a utensil caddy, especially when space is limited. Incorporating a niche into your reno plans—the contractor mounted a rod inside the cutout—ensures yours is in reach of the kitchen sink without adding to the visual clutter.  

The Wraparound Cabinet 


Rather than install typical floating shelves or leave a half wall bare, architect Brett Masterson pulled the cabinetry around the corner of this 44-square-foot kitchen. Voilà! An intentionally placed drop zone for extra glassware and seasonal tools you don’t need to access every time you cook, allowing the closer cupboards to hold everyday essentials. 

The Over-the-Sink Drainage Rack


A chic dish-drying rack is hard to come by. Folding designs are at risk of flooding your countertops, while over-the-sink versions put your faucet out of commission. A built-in drainage rack expertly positioned above the sink, however, allows you to simply wash your plates and place them overhead, where they can drip neatly into the basin.

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