Tuesday Tidbits ~ Less Stress Christmas ~ The Trees are Up!

I'm no longer a fan of homemade shampoo. It was drying our hair out. I found a chemical free/organic store brand at my grocery store (of all places) with argan oil in it and we love it. It even comes with a seal on it.

I had purchased extra cookie ingredients for this Christmas, but now I won't be using them. I may donate them to the kids. There will be no buckeyes, sorghum candy, homemade toffee, cut outs, etc. It's gonna be way less stress, but odd. I will at least bake einkorn peanut butter cookies. We are all about to weigh a lot less.

Speaking of Christmas, I got all the trees up. I do need more lights. Five up - 6 if you include my bathroom Christmas tree night night.I also got some garland with lights up, and some decor.

I put up a battery operated "camper" string of lights on my Christmas quilt rack. I just love it. It's not very long, but long enough for the quilt rack.

Every year I unpack my snowmen, I am filled with love and they truly make me smile. My Aunt sent them to me one year. She is no longer with us, but she is here in spirit.

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