This Stylish Laundry Station Keeps Laundry Essentials Organized

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Tackling dirty laundry can be an all-day event. Sorting the clothes in your laundry basket, folding them, and then storing them away can be a tedious process. Simplifying your loads of laundry only sounds like an impossible dream, or is it? Fortunately, laundry stations help you save time on washing clothes. And one of the best parts? They are space-saving!

Whether you want to optimize your time on laundry day or remodel your laundry room, laundry stations are the answer to your laundry woes. Clear up space and remove clutter in your mudroom with one of these laundry stations from Amazon.

Best Laundry Stations

Best for Storage

1. mDesign Bamboo Wood Laundry Station - Furniture Storage System with Hamper - 3 Open Storage Shelves to Organize Detergent, Liquid Fabric Softener, Bleach, Dryer Sheets, Stain Removers - Natural Finish

Bamboo Wood Laundry Station

Space and versatility don't have to be an expensive luxury. This laundry station has three side shelves and a top space, which help make washing and storing your laundry easier. You can also keep cleaning supplies or laundry detergent on the built-in shelving. The tabletop area is perfect for storing clean clothes or getting the next load ready for the washer.

The bamboo material will resist odors and mildew.

Best Folding Station

2. Whitmor 3 Section Rolling Laundry Sorter with Folding Station - Ironing Board

3 Section Rolling Laundry Sorter

Having an ironing board, drying rack, and laundry hamper all in one place will help make those Saturday mornings a little bit easier. This laundry cart can help you out! You can separate your darks and lights all in one location with these three separate totes. The foam top surface is a convenient place to iron your garments in the morning before work.

The four casters on this rolling laundry station are perfect for transporting to different rooms. Whether you have a small laundry load or a large one, this laundry cart will help you breeze through this chore.

Best for Ironing Clothes

3. Honey-Can-Do Rolling Laundry Sorter with Ironing Board and Shirt Hanger

Honey-Can-Do Rolling Laundry Sorter

The laundry station of your dreams is a reality! This combo laundry cart has all of the essentials you need for laundry day. You get a two-bag laundry sorter, a hanging clothes rack, and a folding table that also serves as an ironing board. Avoid making several trips back and forth to the laundry room. Make laundry day an easy one today!


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