The Top 15 Products Dwell Readers Bought in April

Here’s what your fellow design lovers have been obsessing over.

It’s a time of transition, the spring season, with its allergies, cleaning credos, and warmer days. To cope with change sometimes takes a little retail therapy, whether that’s snagging colorful bamboo dinnerware for dining alfresco, a HEPA vacuum from an industrial designer, or a sweatshirt recommended by Huckberry. Last month, these items and more were your fellow Dwell readers’ favorites.

Hay Sowden Tin

This colorful steel container comes with a fitted lid in contrasting hues. Suitable for storing coffee and other dry foods.

Airsign HEPA Vacuum

The powerful future of clean has arrived. Our high-performance, well-designed and sustainably-crafted vacuum will reinvent your clean and help you love where you live.

Saatva Mattress Topper

Each of our three premium mattress toppers were thoughtfully designed to elevate your sleep experience. Top off your Saatva mattress to enhance your comfort or prolong the life of an older mattress with one easy addition.

Flint and Tinder Speckle Fleece Crew

A crewneck so soft you’ll never want to take it off. This crewneck is as comfortable as your favorite hoodie, but it's got a refined style that will keep you looking good from brunch to the bodega. And with a luxurious feel like the softest blanket you’ve ever wrapped up in, you’ll be wearing it just to lay around the house. It’s got a bit of a vintage sportswear vibe thanks to the flexible raglan sleeve design, which plays well with the handsome looks to give it the perfect blend of comfort and style.

A Kids Book About Climate Change

Climate change is a topic that can be overwhelming for kids and grownups. So if you’re looking for the best place to better understand the climate crisis, look no further! This book will give kids the facts about climate change, explain what the state of our planet is, how it got there, and give them hope to fight for their future.

Fer à Cheval Marseille Soap Cube Trio (Set of 3)

Good things come in threes. The name Marseille Soap is a protected designation—to qualify for this highly-coveted label, your soap has to be made in Provence with natural oils and just a handful of other ingredients: seawater, ash and lye. At Fer à Cheval, Marseille’s oldest soap factory, it’s a labor-intensive process that takes 10 days and starts with boiling the ingredients in ancient cauldrons overseen by a soap master and team of artisans. For all the work that goes into it (whew!), the results are disarmingly simple: Certified organic, all-natural soap that can be used on any skin type (even sensitive!) without any worries or allergens.

Full Circle Veggie Brush

We’re all about farm to table, but could probably do without all the mess that comes with it. Get your organic produce squeaky clean with this little earth-friendly wonder that works on everything from the firmest peppers to the most delicate peaches.

Fable Colorful Bamboo Plates and Dinnerware

Bamboo beauts. Eco-friendly dinnerware? Count us in. Every dish you see is crafted from bamboo fiber and non-GMO cornstarch (read: super sustainable), with a touch of BPA-free melamine for an extra kick of durability (because these sets will be putting in the miles, just wait). It all comes in a spread of shapes and sizes, too—dinner and salad plates, pasta and cereal bowls, matching cups—ready for full-on feasts and all the bites in between. Plus, a little bonus for when mealtime’s over: Everything cleans right up in the dishwasher. We haven’t even gotten to that rainbow of happy hues, either. Yeah...these pals are getting an invite to our next backyard bash.

Turnco Wood Goods Glass Jars With Hand-Turned Wooden Lids

Put a lid on it. Your food storage game just got a big upgrade. We can think of about a zillion uses for these airtight lidded jars, especially because they come in a slew of sizes (16 ounces up to a gallon, take your pick!). In the kitchen, we’re using the smallest one to keep our ground coffee fresh, plus the larger ones to store beans and rice. And in the bathroom? Our cotton balls and Epsom salt have never looked smarter, thanks to those eye-catching lids. Fill one up with preserves and give it as a hosting gift—we promise it’ll be more memorable than a bottle of wine. Oh, and here’s a fun fact: Each jar is handmade on Whidbey Island in Washington using USA mold-blown glass and black walnut wood (wow).

Food52 Five Two Over-the-Sink Drying Rack

The Five Two Drying Rack rolls out, fits over your sink, and stows away in seconds. Silicone-coated stainless steel holds up under hefty pots and supports delicate glassware, while a perforated ledge and built-in utensil caddy makes room for all the extras. The rack and caddy are designed to promote extra air-flow, which makes for quicker drying times, too.

My Friend Earth

Celebrate Earth Day with this valentine to our wonderful planet from the Newbery Award-winning author of Sarah, Plain and Tall. Our friend Earth does so many wonderful things! She tends to animals large and small. She pours down summer rain and autumn leaves. She sprinkles whisper-white snow and protects the tiny seeds waiting for spring. Readers of all ages will pore over the pages of this spectacular book. Its enticing die-cut pages encourage exploration as its poetic text celebrates everything Earth does for us, all the while reminding us to be a good friend in return.

Birkenstock Super Birki

Classic. Birkenstock clogs made from hardwearing materialsHard to believe, but Birkenstock was once a little-known German shoemaker quietly churning out impressive clogs back in the late 18th century. But once guys in the ‘70s finally gave Birks a shot, their comfortable-as-hell footwear became hard to keep in stock worldwide. Built from incredibly resilient materials and featuring Birkenstock's signature form-fit cork and latex footbed, the Super Birki has enjoyed years of popularity among restaurant workers, medical professionals, and anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet. Clogs like this have come all the way back into style, and that's music to our ears—because when shoes this comfy are this cool, that means we're doing something right.

Pandahall Anti-Tarnish Silver Polishing Cloths

This polishing cloth is two cloths in one; one for removing tarnish, and one for shining. It is non-toxic and non-allergenic. This cloth has been chemically impregnated for that super shine. This polishing cloth will clean and polish gold, silver, and other precious metals without effort, giving a brilliant and lasting shine. The cloth leaves an undetectable residue which inhibits tarnish. This superior polishing cloth is made from 100% long strand Egyptian cotton.


A body polishing, skin cleaning towel made in Japan. There’s a reason our best ideas come at us in the shower. While our thinking brain relaxes into an automatic task, those background thoughts can free-associate all over the place. But that automatic task is still important—getting you clean. Which is why this towel from Japan is so genius. With a weave of exfoliating and lathering threads plus its generous dimensions, the Goshi Towel cleans, sloughs away dead skin, and gets at all those hard-to-reach spots. At the end of a shower, your skin is softer and cleaner than ever before... without you even having to think about it.

Koio x Norm Architects Men's Leather Sneaker in Black Timber

This sneaker is designed in collaboration with Norm Architects, one of the world’s most celebrated architecture and design firms. Embodying our shared belief that great design is at once sleek, clean, and multi-functional, it has an Italian leather upper with minimal visible stitching and a collapsible heel so you can style it upright or folded down.

We love the products we feature and hope you do, too. If you buy something through a link on the site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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