Small Interiors Under 70 Sqm That Will Have You Tickled Pink! [With Plans]

Two homes with pink accents greet us on our tour today, each measuring 70 square metres (754 square feet) or less. They might be small, but boy are they bursting with design ideas and pink accent inspiration galore. Whether you like a bright hot pink in your home, a duskier shade of the hue or prefer a soft and sweet blush tone, there is something here to suit any palette preference. We’ve also got the home plans for each of these two little beauties, so if it’s small space ideas that you’re after then be sure to keep with us all the way to the end to see exactly how the designers fit all of that amazing style in just right.

Designer: Studio Open  
Visualizer: Studio Open  

A pink staircase zigzags into the living room of our first home, landing beside a modern grey sofa. White artwork and a white swing arm wall lamp lay quietly against a plain wall to balance out the blast of bright pink. This home measures in at just 66.5 square metres but its open plan and bright colour scheme make if feel super spacious.

A round coffee table holds a decorative gathering of white and gold items on it. The gold vase ties in with a set of wall lamps by the breakfast bar. The upper half of the living room lies open to a mezzanine level, increasing the sense of space and light.

The striking pink staircase design is formed out of perforated metal. It makes a unique statement that you’d be unlikely to come across in your neighbours house!

The perforated metal folds to make the stair treads and risers in one fluid piece. There is no need for banisters here because the structure of the mezzanine provides enough safety buffers.

Dusky pink kitchen bar stools look into the light lounge area, where double height windows let the morning sunlight pour in. It’s enough to brighten the mood of the grumpiest of morning-haters!

Another set of gold wall lamps shine away at either side of the minimalist grey and white kitchen wall. Behind the breakfast bar, wood effect cabinets bring in added visual warmth.

Foliage in a simple glass vase introduces greenery to the room’s colour palette.

Vertical glossy tiles curve smoothly around a soft corner in the home entryway, next to a white wall mirror with matching rounded corners.

In a black and white bathroom, two stand-out pink basins look super special. The double sink bathroom vanity has integrated towel rails to keep walls free from clutter. The bathroom vanity lighting stands out boldly in solid black against the patterned canvas.

A small white side table is placed just inside the shower enclosure to hold soap dispensers and a lush green plant, which works deliciously with the sweet pink basins.

A double workspace sits up on the mezzanine. Those magnificent double height windows from the living room stretch right up here, bathing the area with glorious daylight. A wall of storage and bookshelves runs the entire length of the home office.

At the back of the mezzanine, behind a set of sliding doors, there hides a cosy sleep space. When the doors are shut it would appear that this is just another office storage cupboard.

A comfy platform bed is tucked behind the doors. A bedroom pendant light glows brightly by the headboard – which is the same pendant style used in the bathroom.

The home plan shows the situation of the bathroom at the back of the kitchen, and illustrates the L-shaped formation of the mezzanine office.

Designer: Madina Bogatyreva  
Visualizer: Polina Yatmanova  

Spanning a slightly larger 70 square metres, our second home is located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. A vertical half-and-half paint effect has been applied over panelled walls in the living room, putting a modern twist on classic design.

The half-and-half paint effect rotates to a horizontal plane across the sofa wall and behind a dining area. Blush pink dining chairs match the colour of the wall treatment.

Behind the pink dining area, round decorative mirrors rise inside the beaded wall panel in a bubble effect, which is echoed by clustered glass globe pendant lights. A round dining table complements the theme.

The grey kitchen follows the neoclassical style of the room decor, featuring classic paneled doors. Gold cupboard handles and a stunning gold chimney hood complement the gold legs of the dining chairs across the room.

Gold trims gleam along the front of a cabinet in the lounge too, and gold legged bar stools stand at a breakfast bar peninsula.

Elegant kitchen pendant lights dangle as a pair over the breakfast bar, like a pair of drop earrings.

The lights keep coming two by two out in the hallway as well, where two crystal ring pendants sparkle in blush surroundings. A mirrored and gold trimmed cabinet reflects the light back into the space.

A gold console sits beneath a wall mirror in the hallway. A crystal wall lamp matches the duo of ceiling pendants.

It’s a Heracleum Small Big O Suspension Light that makes a bright statement inside the bedroom, above a traditionally inspired bed with a winged and tufted headboard.

Substantial bedside table lamps fill almost the entire tops of the bedside units.

There is a desk area in the corner of the bedroom, with a travel poster inspiring thoughts of adventure above it.

A marble fireplace gives the bedroom a feeling of grandeur.

In the opposite corner to the desk, a dusky pink chair is teamed with a gold dressing table with an art deco flair.

The bedroom has a walk in wardrobe that takes full advantage of vertical space–being stacked so high that it needs a ladder inside.

Bedding and out of season items are stashed way up top.

Shoe storage is stacked high too, with five rails for heels and flats, and one base shelf for taller boots.

Garment rails run along both sides of the walk in closet.

Elevated chests of drawers store folded items, leaving a gap along the bottom of the closet for bulky and heavy items.

The pink bathroom is littered with golden accents.

Patterned tiles mist across the back of the over bath shower.

Bathroom vanity lights spray crystals and gold in front of a blush pink wall.

A gold towel rail and unique laundry basket make a small corner look special.

Utility shelves store a multitude of items both on display and tucked away.

Home plan.

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