Our Top10 Picks for Your Baby Registry: Infant Feeding Edition

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We live in a time where we can instantaneously access information. Of course once we access the info we need, we then have to filter through literally hundreds of search results. 8 hours later and we find ourselves crawling out of the Google/Amazon rabbit-hole wondering when we last ate.

Pregnant people are overwhelmed with choices. Which car seat to pick? Which crib? Which pump? Instead of having to pick from 2-3 choices, you suddenly have to sort through 100 cribs at Buy Buy Baby. Who has that kind of time or mental energy?!

Never fear, Doulas of Raleigh is here! We have taken the liberty to make a short list of registry items that are practical, useful, and well-liked by our clients.

We focus on Infant Feeding in today’s post. Whether you are planning to breastfeed, bottefeed, or a combination of both, we have put together a list to help you gather what you need to make feeding baby a little easier.

1. My Breast Friend

Breastfeeding a new baby sometimes takes a lot of pillows and hands. My Breast Friend helps eliminate some of that. It is a supportive shelf to raise baby up the the breast instead of the new mom hunching over to feed baby. We especially like that his pillow fastens securely around the waist so the breastfeeding person can get up and move around while feeding baby,.

2. Spectra1 Breastpump

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when comparing pumps..there are so many on the market now! Most of our clients love the Spectra1. It is lightweight, portable, runs on a rechargeable battery (included in pump), and is a closed system so there is very little chance of breastmilk flowing back into the pump. Most insurances cover the Spectra2 but we think it’s worth the upgrade to the 1.

3. Boon Bundle Feeding Set

We see the Boon grass drying rack in just about every client’s home. It’s easy to use and efficient for after you’ve washed bottles/pump parts/nipples/pacifiers/etc and need somewhere for the parts to dry. We like this particular set because it induces the drying grass, plastic “twigs” for bottle rings and nipples, and a bottle brush. That’s pretty much all you need to keep baby feeding supplies nice and clean.

4. Kinde Twist Milk Storage Bags

You may want to freeze some of your expressed breast milk. The Kinde Twist bags have one of the highest customer ratings because they don’t leak and you can pump right into the bags.

5. Dr. Brown’s Glass Bottles

We are seeing more and more clients moving away from plastic and towards glass bottles. Dr. Brown’s is a trusted brand that many people like. The glass bottles come in a set of 3. We recommend buying at least 2 sets. If you are planning to pump or formula feed you probably need to purchase 4 sets so you aren’t having to washing bottles and parts several times a day. Pro tip: This set comes with size 1 nipples but we recommend using Preemie size nipples for any feeding system as this slower flow promotes easier digestion for baby.

6. Papablic Baby Bottle Electric Sterilizer and Dryer

If you don’t want to run bottles and parts through your dishwasher on the sanitize cycle, we recommend this sterilizer. You can fit several bottles and bottle parts inside. If you put the setting on “extra dry” you will have sanitized bottles ready to use without waiting for them to air dry. You can also run your pump parts through this sterilizer. The “extra dry” cycle has everything sanitized and completely air dry in 45 minutes.

7. Baby Brezza

We jokingly refer to this at the Keurig for Babies! This machine makes a bottle of formula at the press of a button…in 2, 4, 6, 04 8 oz increments. The formula comes out of the machine already warmed. All you need to do is add the nipple to the bottle and you have a mixed, warmed bottle of formula ready in under 1 minute. If you plan to exclusively formula feed your baby we highly recommend this purchse.

8. Lansinoh Breastfeeding Starter Kit

This kit has everything a new mother needs when starting a breastfeeding relationship with her newborn. It includes disposable nursing pads, gel packs that can be cooled or warmed for comfort, and an evertor to help draw out nipples to aid in latching baby.

9. Haaka

We really wish the Haaka had been around when we had new babies! It is a silicone passive pump. While it isn’t meant to be a primary pump it is amazing for catching milk when your baby is nursing on the opposite breast. This is a great and easy way to collect milk that would otherwise go unused.

10. Bibs and Burp Cloths

This pack of unisex bibs is soft and absorbant. We love how these bibs are adjustable up to a 24 month size so you will be using them well beyong the newborn stage. It’s the perfect way to catch any drops from leaky bottles or spit up from baby. The muslin burp cloths are a great way to clean up larger messes or to throw over your shoulder when you burp your baby.

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