My List of Baby Essentials After Having Two Kids

One of the most requested posts as of late has been my baby essentials or to link certain things I’m sharing for Charlie.  I know it’s taken me some time to get around to it, but I wanted to make sure I could recommend and use some of these items on Charlie before publishing this. Between George and Charlie, there have been certain things that I didn’t end up loving, but what you see below are things I can confidently recommend as my baby essentials. I hope it’s helpful, and let me know if I left anything out. I’ll share what we keep in the rolling cart soon, as I know that’s another popular topic in my DMs.

Are there any essentials you’d add to the list?

xx Ashley

1. KNOTTED GOWN: This gown is usually what Charlie sleeps in and I think I have it in every color at this point. I definitely needed more of these than I had originally planned for since the boys have both lived in gowns during the newborn stage.

2. BABY LOTION: I’ve used this brand with both boys and it’s worked well on their sensitive skin.

3. BABY BODY WASH: This is the matching body wash to #2.

4. HOODED BABY TOWEL: Is there anything cuter than a baby in a hooded towel? This one from Parachute is as soft as all their products and I like that it’s simple.

5. FEEDING PILLOW: There are a lot of good options out there for breastfeeding but this is the only one I found comfortable. Honestly, this might be one of those things you just have to order a few of to see what works because I think it’s somewhat personal…but I have enjoyed this one!

6. BABY LOUNGER: This is one of the things I recommend the most to new moms or anyone asking. George spent SO much time in this and I truly can’t imagine the baby stage without it.

7. HALO BASSINET: We went back and forth on a million bassinets and settled on this one, which I love! It’s light enough to move around the house and it’s a great price. Plus, it swivels so you can have easy access to the baby when feeding or comforting at night. Tons of reviews here if you want to do more reading on it.

8. ORGANIC INFANT LOUNGER: I know a lot of people rave about the Dockatot but this is the lounger we’ve used. It’s under $100, is comfortable and soft, and lots of good color options IMO.

9. ORGANIC TWO PIECE SET: This 2-piece set is super soft and you know I love a good neutral. I’ve shared more of Charlie’s clothing on LTK for those of y’all interested.

10. CAR SEAT: I shared more about our choice for car seat + stroller in this post, and we can’t say enough about this convertible car seat.

11. DRYING RACK: We’ve liked this $20 drying rack for breast pup parts, bottles, etc. It’s a good size and you can’t beat the price.

12. BOTTLES: I asked y’all for your favorite bottle recommendations and these were by far the most popular. We’ve since bought them and no big complaints. They don’t leak much and are good for collic I’ve heard, too.

13. FLOWER BATH PAD: OMG, this might be my favorite thing to recommend. I know it’s a little bit confusing, but it essentially molds to the sink or whenever you’re washing your baby, and we’ve loved bathing Charlie in it. It’s incredibly soft and flexible while still being sturdy – which is necessary for new, nervous moms, IMO.

14. SILICONE BABY BIP: I love these because they’re easy to wash and they also catch (most) food before it hits the floor or your baby’s clothes.

15. MACRAME PACI CLIPS: These pacifier clips are nice for the baby/newborn stage when the paci seems to fall often. You can attach them to car seats, clothes, etc.

16. BURP CLOTHS: I’ve tried a lot of burp clothes and find these to be the softest (and they’re cute!).

17. BABY BREZZA FORMULA DISPENSER: The Keurig for formulas! If you’re using formula, I can’t recommend this enough. You basically program it to make a bottle with whatever ounce your baby is eating, and then press a button to have a warm bottle made. This is a godsend in the middle of the night, too.

18. WHITE NOISE MACHINE: We used this with George but it’s been especially helpful with Charlie since we now have a toddler running around…making all the noise. The white noise is said to mimic the womb and can be helpful for newborns. And honestly, it’s nice for mom and dad in the room too since newborns make lots of noise when sleeping. We still use one in George’s room as well.

19. ROLLING CART: Lots of questions on this rolling cart where I store diapers, wipes, burp cloths, etc., and basically roll it around our house. It’s been SO helpful, especially to move into whatever room we’re hanging out in. I bought this one from The Container Store but this option from Target looks great, too.

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