How to clean your kitchen appliances and keep them shipshape

Cleaning kitchen appliances isn’t much fun! However, it is important because kitchen appliances harbour harmful germs. Grime and mould can make them difficult to clean and maintain so we have some easy tricks to help you clean kitchen appliances and keep them shipshape.


Use a solution of 50-50 water and white vinegar to clean and sparkle the inside and outside of the fridge. Wipe the shelves and the crispers at least on a weekly basis to help keep maintain them. Use damp cloth to clean the finger marks on the exterior of the refrigerator.

Not many people clean behind their fridge but it is essential. To clean it, pull out the refrigerator and give it a mop. After mopping, vacuum the refrigerator coils behind the fridge.


Almost everyone believes that it is not necessary to clean a dishwasher as it cleans itself in every wash. However, you should clear the drain in the bottom of the machine for any food remains or mineral mould and wipe the linings of the door.


As most of the ovens are self-cleaning oven, it is simpler to remove the dirt as it is reduced to ash at high temperature.  However, there is still a need to clean the dirt around door joints and edges. You can always wipe them up with a solution of white vinegar and water or soapy water.

Scrub sponge with baking soda over baked on grime to vanish it off. Alternatively, wipe any spills quickly after using the oven regularly to avoid having to scrub it now and then.


For cleaning the stovetop, fill the sink with hot water and add some washing liquid to it. Soak burners and knobs into it and leave them for a couple of hours. Then scrub and wipe them off. Vacuum crumbs that have fallen in the crevices between stovetop and counter.


The best and the common way to remove baked on grime leftovers from the microwave is by heat a bowl of water with lemon in it. Let it be inside for a few minutes for the steam to loosen the grime and wipe the microwave off with a clean cloth.


It is relatively easy to clean and maintain a toaster. Just unplug the toaster, pull out its crumb holder and wash it. Also shake the toaster in the sink to get rid of the extra crumbs. Let it dry or wipe it with a dry cloth before you plug it back in.


Coffee Machine

Cleaning a coffee machine can be confusing. For removing the deposits clogging the machine, make a solution of one part of white vinegar and two parts of water. Pour the solution in the water chamber and insert a coffee filter. Run this solution in the machine and then run water in it for two to three times to clear off the vinegar taste from it.

These are some of the easiest ways of keeping your kitchen clean and maintained at all times. However, you also have another option of hiring a professional cleaner to do all these demanding tasks for you!

Dyson Pure Cool Me Air Purifier Review

When it’s hot outside and you wish for a machine to blow cool and purified air in the house, Dyson has you covered. When I shifted to a new apartment, I wanted a small air purifier that I could use in my home office and the Dyson Pure Cool Me Air Purifier came across as just what I wanted.

I had heard about Dyson’s Pure Hot+Cool air purifiers that are powerful enough to clean the air in an entire apartment or house. These products are designed in a way to control noise, control airflow, and give you a report regarding the quality of air indoors and outdoors.

Dyson’s innovative bladeless fans sport an iconic design that makes them stand out from the competitors, just like their vacuums. When a company with recognizable products decides to try something new, the expectation levels tend to rise. So, I have decided to share my unbiased review of the Dyson Pure Cool Me Air Purifier (see Price on Amazon).

What Is Dyson Pure Cool Me Air Purifier?

The name itself gives you an idea of what you can expect from the product. It is an air purifying device (Pure) that offers cool air (Cool) and it’s small enough for a single person’s use (Me). To be precise, the fan is not small to blow air to just one person but to focus all air on one person.

So, if the Pure Hot+Cool air purifier was a lavish buffet, the Dyson Pure Cool Me Air Purifier turns out to be a cozy table for two. It is smaller in size and cuter, but don’t underestimate its power due to the small size. The company has replaced the Air Multiplier technology with Core Flow tech to blow super-concentrated air without the need for a large fan head or blades.

While the low noise levels and superior performance that we have seen with prior models from the family of Dyson are a welcome, the Pure Cool Me lacks some features such as air-readouts and app control. Let’s take an in-depth look into the different features of the product.

Build And Design

The predecessors that have come from the Dyson stable have sported a round or oval body with an iconic bladeless design. The Pure Cool Me boasts a different design with a stocky base that sits over the white sphere embedded into the structure of the device.

The base of the fan is chunky but the head is much smaller. As there’s so space left on the fan head for remote control, Dyson has installed it on the magnetic pad on the front of its cylindrical body. The LCD screen located below the magnetic pad displays the remaining filter life and fan speed.

As you switch on the fan, you can see that the concentrated air come from the middle section of the sphere, despite being sealed. Dyson technology comes into play here. While the air is actually released from the edges, the clever engineering makes air collect in the middle so that you get a beam of cold air from the center.

Considering the overall intelligent and practical design, Dyson certainly deserves all credits for creating exciting and interesting looking products. The Pure Cool Me is a fan like none other and looks like an upgrade on the earlier Dyson desktop fan models. Measuring just 401 x 254 x 247mm, it works as a perfect bedside table or desk fan.

The fan is designed in a way to help you tilt the ball slightly in order to alter the vertical angle of the air flow. It can be changed from horizontal to roughly above 45 degrees, depending upon where you place the fan. In any situation, with careful positioning, you will be able to set the air purifier in a way that it blows cool air on your face.

The only downside I could possibly point out in terms of design is that Dyson’s desk fans are relatively small. Despite being small, they are not compact and can easily take the entire space on a desk or bedside table.

Pure Cool Me Features

The innovative design of Pure Cool Me air purifier is a fully assembled device with an in-built filter in place. When you need to replace the filter, just lift the top, pull the old one out and place a new filter. This is comparatively easier than Dyson Pure Cool Tower that has filters into two parts.

The height of the air stream can be changed by simply changing the position of the plastic disc. Similar to the previous Dyson air purifiers, the speed can be controlled by the remote control and there’s a single button for power. With the help of the remote control, you can adjust the fan speed up to 10 times more and set a timer for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, and 8 hours.

The LCD display does not show the remaining filter life. However, if the device is used 12 hours every day, it should last for approximately 12 months. Factors like your usage levels and the quality of air around you may increase or decrease the filter life.

An interesting Dyson feature that we miss in this product is the ability to tell the quality of air inside the house. The Pure Cool Me cannot tell when the air becomes dirty as it does not have an auto mode. Also, given the fact that this product cannot clean the air inside a room, there so inverse mode to flow from the backside of the fan.

Thus, this air purifier is not really useful in the cold days, even though there’s an option to direct the airflow away from your face. Despite being a personal fan for blowing air, this device can capture  99.95% of ultra-fine particles by sealing them in the filter’s glass HEPA and activated carbon layers.

If you are looking for smart controls in the model, you may be disappointed on this front. There’s no Amazon Alexa compatibility and Dyson says this is because Pure Cool Me is more of a  personal product that will work within the operating range. Looks like a wise decision by the company to keep the prices down.

Performance and Power

This Dyson air purifier is much impressive when it comes to performance as a fan. Most of the unit’s size boils down to the chunk base that houses the filter responsible for sucking the impurities to give you purified air. Besides impurities, it also captures pollutants and allergens such as pollens, cooking fumes, and car exhaust.

The Core Flow technology adds incredible power to the device and gives you cool air in any direction of your choice. With all that power, the fan blows air directly on your face instead of blowing things from the table, as other fans do.

On maximum speed, when you are 15cm away from the fan, it blows air at a speed of 6.2m/sec. Even when you are at a one-meter distance from the fan, the cool air will reach you at 1.6m/sec. On minimum speed setting, there is only a gentle breeze, not much air flow. I like the fan’s performance at speed two which is about 1.6m/sec at a distance of 15cm and the air is cool enough.

Fans tend to be noisy on maximum speed but Dyson seems to have found a way to figure that out. On maximum speed, the sound is measured at 63.5dB from 15cm distance. You can have a conversation comfortably with the device running. When the fan is on minimum speed, it only creates a soft humming sound that is measured at 37dB.

To better measure the performance of Pure Cool Me, you may conduct a small test by placing a smoke pellet behind the device. You can see the smoke getting captured by the fan and pure air coming out of it. The purifier takes about 3 minutes for the air to become clean. You may test the air quality using devices like Nest Protect. The Dyson Pure Cool M turns out to be slower in purifying the air as it’s more of a fan than a full-fledged air cleaner.

Health Benefits

The company claims that the air purifier offers a lot of health benefits and one of the biggest advantages is improving sleep. It’s difficult to measure any health benefits for a review, but I can say that having an air purifier in the room certainly gives you peace of mind.

At the end of the day, what really matters is the way this device performs as a fan. The new design has not decreased the efficacy but the cooling mechanism seems to have improved. On maximum fan speed, the device can make you feel very cold.

Most importantly, the device is so quiet that it does not interfere with your sleep. Even when you have Pure Cool Me on your bedside, the sound of the fan us low enough to help you sleep peacefully. When you enjoy peaceful and sound sleep, it works to help you breathe clean air.


If you have used any product from the Dyson family, you will know that these products are not cheap, and the Pure Cool Me is no exception. The price is typically in line with other Dyson fans, slightly more than the non-purifying Dyson Cool and half of the Pure Hot + Cool, which includes a heater too.

Should I Buy The Dyson Pure Cool Me?

If you are looking for an air purifying system that can be used in a big room then the Pure Cool Me may not be the right option. You will need a larger and more powerful device like the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool or Dyson Pure Cool Tower. It’s not fair to compare Pure Cool Me with these products as it is not designed to do what they can.

The Pure Cool Me is engineered in a way to give a burst of cool and fresh air to a single person. It can be placed on a desk or tabletop near you in a direction that the air directs only towards you. A competitor product that offers personal and directional cooling is the Evapolar Personal Air Cooler that can be used to chill the air.

If we compare Dyson Pure Cool Me with Evapolar Personal Air Cooler, we see that the later works well and costs only half of the Dyson. However, the biggest downside of Evapolar is that it cannot be adjusted or purify the air.

When we compared Dyson Pure Cool Me with other similar products in the category, we found that there’s nothing like this one. If you want a consistent and quiet blow of cool air coming your way, the directional air stream system of this fan works incredibly fine.

Good news is that Pure Cool Me is £100 cheaper than the Pure Cool Desk, however, it loses some features in order to compensate for the price. There is no app control or detailed display that you can find in higher priced products.

Despite those additional features, we still feel that Pure Cool Me has the kind of engineering required to work on a desk near you to help you sleep peacefully at night.

About Dyson

Founded by Sir James Dyson in 1991, this is a British company known for manufacturing innovative heaters, bladeless fans, vacuum cleaners, and hand dryers. Known for its innovative streak, Dyson was the pioneer company that engineered the bladeless fan.

When the Dyson Air Multiplier came to the market, it baffled the onlookers and other companies asked ‘does that really work’? With a futuristic design to boast, this beautiful fan was capable of providing a  smooth and constant flow of cool air.

Unlike other traditional fans that we have had before, these smartly built bladeless fans by Dyson concentrates the air to one place without blowing other things. Although called bladeless, these fans actually have blades but they are hidden behind a frame. It pulls air much like a vacuum cleaner and then blows it towards you.

Besides Dyson Pure Cool Me, some of the other smartly designed fans from the company are Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Fan, Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Table Fan, Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan, and Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier to name a few.


While we like the features and the intelligent design of Pure Cool Me that sends cool air towards you, the lack of smart support is disappointing.  We guess that’s the price manufacturer has to pay from letting the cost get exorbitant as you would expect from a Dyson product.

How worth the product is for you will ultimately depend on how concerned you are about air purification and the space available. For example, if you have a big size desk and you are looking for a fan that can blow cool air to your face without blowing other things around, then this is the best bet.

Alternatively, if you find yourself constrained for space and need a fan that can cool down the room or at least direct to two people, then Pure Cool Me may not do justice to the situation. You should look for a powerful desk fan by Dyson or maybe a cheaper model from other brands.


Attract design and well-built small purifier, looks like a Star Wars console

Helps in improving air-quality by capturing pollens and dust

The purified air smells fresh, cold and clean

Replacement filters are easily available

Airflow can be adjusted easily

Creates a humming white noise at night to lull you to sleep


Does not work with the Dyson app

No compatibility with Amazon Alexa

Although small, it takes a lot of space

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