Delayed Growth in Children: Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis

Growth delay occurs when your child is not growing normally for his or her age. Growth delays occur due to inherent health issues like hyperthyroidism or growth hormone deficiency. In most cases, early diagnosis and treatment can help your child attain age-appropriate height. 

If you feel that your child’s height is not developing normally, have your doctor carry out tests to check for underlying medical issues. It could be an indication that your child has health issues that need medical attention. 

Symptoms of delayed growth in children

Except for a few, kids generally have the same height at a certain age. However, if your child seems smaller than his peers, chances are there is a growth problem. For instance, if your child appears smaller than 95 percent of kids of the same age, then this is considered health issues. 

A child may also be diagnosed with health issues if he or she has normal height but whose growth rate is slower than normal. Based on the cause, your child may show a range of symptoms including dwarfism. A child with dwarfism will have has limbs that are not proportionate to the torso. 

If a child has a low level of the hormone thyroxine, he or she might experience low energy levels, dry skin, constipation, and have difficulty keeping warm. 

A child may also have issues such as low concentration of growth hormone. This will cause your child to appear abnormally small. If slow growth is because of issues like bowel or stomach disease, your child might have traces of blood in the stool, might experience diarrhea, constipation, nausea and even vomiting. 

Common causes of delayed growth in children

Delay growth is caused by a number of factors. Some of the common causes include family history, constitutional delay, deficiency in the growth hormone, hyperthyroidism and Turner syndrome. 

Family history

If one or both parents are short in height, it possible for the child to inherit this trait. The child will develop at a slower pace that other of a similar age. Note that delayed development due to the presence of short stature in the family does not indicate that the child has underlying health problems. Your child may be shorter than peers because he or she took after the parents. 

Constitutional delayed growth

A child with constitutional delayed growth is shorter than others, but growth takes place at a normal rate. Such a child has bones that grow at a very slow rate than is typical at that age. Such a child will reach puberty quite late. This will cause lower than average height during early teenage. However, your child will catch up with peers during adulthood. 

Deficiency in growth hormone 

Typically, growth hormones cause body tissues to growth at a normal rate. A child with incomplete or partial growth hormones will not grow at a normal rate. 


Children or babies who suffer from hyperthyroidism have poorly performing thyroid glands. The thyroid is the gland that secretes the hormone that causes normal growth in your child. So, poor or delayed growth might be an indication that your child’s thyroid gland is not working properly. 

Turner syndrome

Turner syndrome affects females who have an incomplete x chromosome. This condition affects about 1 in every 2500 female children. Although a child with this condition may have adequate amounts of the growth hormone, the body does not make use of it properly. 


Your doctor will want a detailed history of your family. The doctor will also gather detailed data on your child history including birth parent’s pregnancy, the child’s weight and height, the height of other members of the family as well as information on other people in your family who experienced delayed growth at some point. The doctor will also chart the child’s development for a period of six months. 

Treatment for delayed growth

Treatment for this condition depends on the underlying cause. If delayed growth is linked to constitutional growth, the doctor will prescribe a range of treatments. For instance, the doctor might recommend growth hormone therapy to rejuvenate growth in your child. 

Your doctor might recommend that you buy HGH for your child. This treatment is meant to address growth caused by a deficiency in growth hormone. There are plenty of license clinics where you can buy HGH. The doctor might also know a few places where you can buy HGH, so HGH is very easy to find. 

The Bottom Line

Timely treatment is one way to help your child achieve normal growth. Immediately you notice that your child’s growth is not normal, speak with your doctor. Whether an intervention is possible or not, getting to the root cause of your child’s slow growth will allow you to decide what to do. For instance, you might want your child to have a session with a psychiatrist to address psychological issues that your child might experience due to height or poor growth. 


Why You Should Choose Floor Sanding Over New Carpets

Time for doing some rework on your floor? Are you pondering between what to opt for – sanding or merely buying a new carpet?

Let us help you with your decision making process. 

Initially, both – floor sanding and carpeting, will look awesome, but are you ready to go through all the carpet cleaning hassles? Carpets need to be vacuumed regularly and in a very systematic manner, and then, if you have pets and kids in the house – the troubles of spillage, stains, and spillover magnify!

Traditionally, sanding was considered for its functional value, but with parquet floor sanding that myth too is debunked now. Let us look at some more reason why we consider flooring to be better than carpets. 


One of the most predominant reasons why people prefer floor sanding over carpeting and which we have already mentioned – maintenance. Floors are easier to clean, more resilient to spillovers and marks than a carpet, and undoubtedly a lot more hardwearing. Homes which have pets should any day prefer it over carpeting. Even the most carefully trained animal also have minimal regard for maintenance, and they hardly care for your flooring. With frequent accidents by pets, or spills b kids, carpets often tend to lose their luster over a period. And you can avoid all of these hassles with sanded wooden floors.


Yes, carpets enhance the aesthetics of the room, but only if it matches the décor of your room. But, that is not the case with wooden floors – they can match with any surrounding, and you don’t need to keep the rug in mind while redecorating the room.

Along with beautification, a correctly done wooden floor can immensely increase the warmth of the entire room. Moreover, if it is fitted correctly, with no gaps, and is adequately insulated, it can cut down your heating bills to a great extent.

On the contrary, the carpet will give warmth only to the underneath of your feet.

Valuation of the house

In case you choose to sell the house, a floor which is well maintained will fetch you more value. Whereas a carpet will have no contribution to it. At a lesser cost, you can increase the value of your home by somewhere up to 15 percent, which is, after all, not an inadequate amount. 

Even if you are planning to rent it out, you will benefit from sanded floors as it will help you to charge a higher a monthly rental. And unlike carpets, since it is easier to maintain, chances are high that it will need less of repairs or replacement.

Carpets hold germs

Carpets can be a safe harbor for dust particles, lose hair strands, dry skin, or any other tiny particle, which can cause a severe problem in people suffering any allergy. But, it is not the case with wooden floors. Simple sweeping and mopping twice to thrice a week can keep your home germs free, and your family protected.

Carpets can also be cleaned, but for that, you will need a vacuum cleaner, and vacuuming might not be possible for everyone on a regularly. 

So, if you have a busy schedule or prefer doing more important things than investing time in cleaning, wooden flooring is the option for you.

One time vs. more frequent expenditure 

You might be maintaining your carpets very carefully – clean off the spills as soon as it happens, or remove the stains as soon as you find it, vacuum it daily, and follow carpet cleaning process thoroughly. But, still, to retain the texture, you will have to hire the service of carpet cleaners at least once a year. 

However, a carpet without flooring might need the service of a floor sanding once in seven years. You mostly go for refinishing when you find that floors look worn out, or old. For cleaning or removing any stains, you will obviously not need to hire the service of experts.

Thus, if you compare of expenditure point, carpets incur more frequent and heavy expenditure than floor sanding.

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