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Up to 20 litres of water can be used when you wash dishes in a sink.
For many years there has been an outcry over the lack of water conservation in South Africa, as many parts of the country were recently hit by water shortages.

Yet society often overlooks the one of the simplest ways to save water — doing the dishes.

And the good news is, you don’t need to buy a dishwasher (although it helps to keep costs down).
Here’s a few things you can do save water while wash the dishes: Install low-flow taps
Installing low-flow taps in your home is a cost-effective way to save water. Also, if you’ve ever had a problem with young kids leaving the taps running because they couldn’t close them properly, low-flow taps will alleviate this risk.
Wash immediately
Try to do the dishes as soon as they’re dirty. Leaving them in the kitchen will cause the food particles to harden, which means you might have to use more water to soak and clean. This will make the task of doing dishes much harder.
Make your sponge soapy
If there are only a few dirty dishes to wash, there really is no point in filling a sink with water to clean them. Wet your kitchen sponge with a little water and a few drops of Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid. Wash the dishes as normal with the sponge and set aside. Once every dish is covered in soap, you can rinse them individually or add some water to a bucket and dip the dishes in there.
Consider paper cups and plates
There’s really no need to use glass plates, especially if you’re having a light dinner with the family or even a braai with friends. The truth is, many people wouldn’t openly volunteer to do the dishes so if they can throw away any paper plates and cups after eating, there will be no hassle at all. And you get to sleep earlier if there isn’t a huge pile of dishes. Bonus!
Reuse grey water
If you use a drying rack, place a small bucket underneath it. As the water drips from the crockery, it should trickle into the bucket. Use this to water your garden or clean your cupboards.

The less water you consume, the kinder you are to the environment and the more money you save on your water bill. Make a habit of saving water in your home every day.

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