1. I sold four costumes!
You guys were 100% right when you said that eBay was a better place to offload costumes.

I had them listed for a couple of weeks on Facebook with almost no bites, but since I listed them on eBay last week, I’ve sold four.

I’ve got four left to go, with a month until Halloween. I’m optimistic about selling all of them by then!
2. I sent my shoes through the wash.
This one was inspired by Lisey, as she is always out here keeping her shoes looking like new (which is way cheaper than buying new shoes all the time!)

These white sneakers from Target are really cute, but they show dirt pretty quickly.

(As do most white things.)

So, I put them in a zippered lingerie bag, dropped them in the washer, and then let them air dry on my drying rack.

Another tip I learned from Lisey: a magic eraser does an amazing job of cleaning up the white rubber sides of shoes (and the white toe tips on Converse).
3. I listed some jeans for sale.
Mr. FG switched the style he wears, and his former jeans still are in very decent shape.

Hopefully I can get some money for them and also give someone else a super good deal.

4. I cut up and froze a bulk pack of chicken breasts.
I always use the cut-into-three pieces method I shared in this post so that the pieces are all manageable sizes.

Then I freeze them on a greased baking sheet until they are frozen solid, and then I transfer them to a plastic bag for storage in the freezer.
5. I…
brewed coffee at home, ate leftovers, made a menu plan that mostly uses stuff in my house, used saved packing materials to send eBay items, and sent off out-of-network medical insurance bills for reimbursement.
What frugal things have you been up to lately? Share in the comments!
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