Set of 2,Stainless Steel Laundry Drying Rack Clothes Hanger with 8 Clips for Drying Socks, Baby Clothes, Cloth Diapers, Bras, Towel, Underwear, Hat, Scarf, Pants, Gloves

Set of 2,Stainless Steel Laundry Drying Rack Clothes Hanger with 8 Clips for Drying Socks, Baby Clothes, Cloth Diapers, Bras, Towel, Underwear, Hat, Scarf, Pants, Gloves

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Brand: Hotool

Color: Silver


  • ALL MADE OF HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL: Metal construction and metal clips are much more sturdy than the plastic ones, so they would not snap and break off like other plastic version.Eco-friendly durable clip and drip laundry hanger has high quality 8 pegs with long lasting spring. The clips remain attached to the hanger, so that there is no danger of them being misplaced or lost and always come handy when you are ready to hang clothes. Offer 2 extra clips as spare.
  • ESSENTIAL AND USEFUL: Suitable to hang drying the socks, bras, cloth diapers, towel, underwear, scarf, panties, gloves, handkerchiefs, baby clothes or other small delicate items.
  • IDEAL FOR BOTH INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE: The large metal hook allows you to hang it anywhere-clothesline, shower curtain rod, garment rack or shelf. So you can use these clothes hangers with ease in the laundry room, bathroom, garden or wherever you go.
  • EASY TO CARRY: Great for camping, caravanning or on holiday abroad.
  • SAVE SPACE: Its unique design helps save space while drying clothes. Perfect for hanging those delicate items in your laundry room without stacking them all up.

Publisher: Hotool

Details: This 8 Pegs Clothes Hanger is convenient and easy when it comes to hanging and drying delicate clothes and garments.

Made of sturdy and dependable stainless steel, this clothes drying rack provide you with the perfect place to hang up socks, bras, diaper covers, towel, undergarments, scarf, panties, gloves, handkerchiefs, baby clothes, and other delicate washables as they drip dry.
It hangs up more clothes in less space and essential for every household. Made of stainless steel, it is easy to wash, clean and carry around the house.

The large metal hook at the top makes it easy for you to hang this laundry clip rack from any clothes line, shower curtain rod, or garment rack, so you can use this clothes hangers with ease in the laundry room or bathroom or wherever you go.
For convenient air drying for your small and delicate clothing, this hanging rack is just what you need!

Package Included: 2 x Clothes Hangers
Approximate Dimensions: 39cm L X 3cm W X 26cm H (when hanging).

Please allow 2-3mm tolerance due to manual measurement.
The other decorative items shown in the photos are not part of this sale.
Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.
Thank for your understanding.

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Package Dimensions: 15.6 x 5.6 x 1.4 inches

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The clips are average clothes pin size. I hang swimsuits and lingerie on the clips. The hanger and clips are of good, durable material. 
By JFBC on January 13, 2017
Smaller than a regular wooden or plastic clothes pin. This is rather flimsyly made, but gets the job done. 
By Magatagan on January 13, 2017
length of clip is about 2.3 inch and width is about 0.58 inch 
By Hotool  on January 14, 2017
Approximately 1 1/4 inches 
By Amazon Customer on January 14, 2017
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No it doesn't 
By Magatagan on November 23, 2016
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I think it would be fine to use with bags. 
By Marsha Fisher on November 25, 2017
Clips squeeze pretty tight and are stainless steel so they might damage it. 
By Amazon Customer on November 5, 2017
The clips are very smooth. I don't think they would damage the bag at all. I hand my very soft leggings from them and they don't snag or leave marks. 
By Marianne on November 4, 2017
No damage to bags when I have used the hangers for that purpose. This was one of the best purchases I have made from Amazon. 
By LLMason on November 7, 2017
You certainly can use this clothes hanger to hang plastic food storage bags for drying and the clips would not damage the bags. 
By Hotool  on November 6, 2017
I don't see any problems with using these clips for that purpose 
By Brooklyn Born on November 4, 2017
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Yes. Very light weight, perfect for drying socks. 
By M on November 18, 2016
Yes stainless steel 
By walter spayer on November 20, 2016