Laundry Clothesline Hanging Rack for Drying Clothing Set of 20 Stainless Steel Clothespins Round

Laundry Clothesline Hanging Rack for Drying Clothing Set of 20 Stainless Steel Clothespins Round

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Color: Silver


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • SMART SPACE SAVER DESIGN lets you hang up to 20 garments in 1 compact space for multipurpose drying or storage.
  • Easy latching safety lock prevents the hook from accidentally falling off when suspended in breezy areas or strong gusty winds. Hanging design saves valuable floor space
  • Fit All Kinds of Cloth, Both for Indoor and Outdoor. It is designed for both hand washing and machine washing items, such as delicates, baby clothing, sports bras, compression shorts, leggings, garters, socks, scarves, hat, ties, handkerchief, sweaters, towel, glove etc. Easy to hang it on closets, shower curtain rod, laundry room, outside clothesline etc. Compact size is also portable during travel.
  • It is an upgrade to your standard plastic carousel dryers, Be made of the highest grade stainless steel is not only classy looking, but also rust-proof and very sturdy, durable. Fits all closets and perfect for apartments. Easily convert any indoor or outside patio or balcony into a drying area.Collapses flat when not in use for easy storage and quick non-tangle frustration free setup.

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Details: Laundry day would be easy if everything could be thrown into the dryer, but delicate fabrics just can't take the heat and the tumbling.

So what do you do with your hosiery, intimate apparel and other items that just can't be placed in the dryer? You could put up a clothesline or drying rack outside, in the basement or the laundry room, but both looks untidy and take up so much space!

If you're looking for a solution that makes clothes drying quick and simple, this Laundry Hanging Clothing Rack is the answer! It takes up a fraction of the space of a clothesline or bulky metal floor racks and features an integrated hanging hook that makes it simple to hang anywhere indoors or outdoors. The rack is outfitted with Twenty hanging stainless steel wire clips. Just squeeze a clip to open it, slide your garment into the clamp and let go! The clip tension will keep it firmly in place without leaving a mark on the fabric. Your clothes can drip dry in no time. After your clothes are freshly air dried you can simply move the rack of dry clothing to your closet for storage. Or you can fold up the rack and put it away until next time.

*Material: Stainless Steel, rust-proof & sturdy, durable
*Dimensions: 14(D)*14(H)inch
*Weight: 400g/piece
*Style: Stainless Steel 20 Clip Laundry Drying Rack
*Save on expensive electricity power costs without wasting money on cheap flimsy contraptions.

Used For socks, baby cloth diapers, mittens, clothes, towel, scarf, trousers, slacks, pants, ties, shirts, blouses, sweat pants etc
Ideal for Family Economical Storage Indoor Wardrobe Hanging. Our rack is constructed entirely out of high quality rust resistant stainless steel without any plastic parts that can snap and break. Designed as both a space-saver and time-saver as well as a money saver on laundry day. Order your hanging round laundry rack now!

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Package Dimensions: 14.0 x 13.5 x 0.9 inches