Fast Kitchen Cleaning Towels 8 Pack: 4 Large Orange and 4 Small Blue

Fast Kitchen Cleaning Towels 8 Pack: 4 Large Orange and 4 Small Blue

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Like most jobs, cleaning is quicker and easier when you use the right tools. The
8-piece Multipurpose Absorbent Cleaning Towel Set is durable and long-lasting, ready for any job! Great for cleaning up spills, washing windows, polishing surfaces, washing your car, and even drying the dog! These towels are highly absorbent which effectively traps moisture, debris, and dirt. You may also use it as a bath mat, dish towel, wiping mirrors, or shower stalls. It features a quick drying time and leaves spot-free finish without streaking and dripping. With its non-abrasive material, you can be assured that it won't scratch any surface too.


This is the ultimate industrial cloth for any type of liquid on any surface, where ever you would use a rag, towel or paper towel

Made with 100% natural wood fiber technology and has antibacterial properties

Effective and reusable tool for cleaning, drying, dusting your car, truck, furniture, or household surfaces, even perfect as dry towel for pets

You can use it in the kitchen to dry up spills, wipe down counters and much more

You can use it to dry shower surfaces to prevent mildew and mold

It can soak up moisture in your refrigerators crisper drawer

It can catch drips under your dish drying rack

It cleans and polishes practically any surface to a shine

It is super absorbent and made to trap dirt, grime, and other particles without leaving any lint or streak residue behind surfaces

It doesn’t drip nor make a mess and will not scratch any surface

You can use it wet or dry

With its unique design, it can be reused hundreds of times without losing absorbency


Product Type: Cleaning Towel

Material: 100% Bamboo Fiber

Feature: Quick drying and super absorbent

Technique: Non-woven

Blue Towel Size: 38 * 38 cm

Yellow Towel Size: 50 * 60 cm

Package Includes:

8 pieces of cleaning towel