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Breezecatcher clothesline drying rack 272

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Parallel drying rack clothesline 272 ft capacity 8' x 6' frame

This parallel clothesline is a very sturdy and practical solution for outdoor clothes drying. The para clothes line is perfect for confined areas or you just want a compact solution with large capacity. All the lines are the same length and at the same height. One advantage of this style of outdoor clothes dryer is being able to walk in around and under the top frame, the space appears more open and is available for use. The dryer can even be used as a parasol on those warm sunny days just throw a dust sheet over the top frame to create an ideal shaded area. The top frame is fixed to the center mast so it will not spin in the breeze.

This dryer was originally our PLD-264.
  • Adjustable height 1 13/16" (46 mm) Heavy gauge anodized sand blast finish aluminum center mast.
  • Ultra strong solid extruded aluminum brackets and slides.
  • Heavy gauge bright anodized arms and braces with tube eyelets to protect the PVC clothesline.
  • 34 lines X 8 ft long poly core PVC clothesline (272 ft)
  • Folds for easy storage.
  • Sides 96" X 72" , max height 80" lowest height 70"
  • Aluminum ground socket with cap supplied.
  • Product weight is 24 lb

Ten year warranty on all mechanical parts.

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