Baby Warm Reversible Sledging Jacket
Baby Warm Reversible Sledging Jacket

Baby Warm Reversible Sledging Jacket

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Warm reversible jkt, waterproof side with print.



Our designers use wadding to keep the body warm. This synthetic wadding containing polyester stores more or less air, depending on its thickness. So the thicker the wadding, the more air it contains and the more insulating it is.


The resistance of a fabric is measured using water pressure expressed in water column mm (test based on ISO 811). The higher the pressure, the more waterproof the fabric. A component with a waterproofing resistance of 2,000 mm resists the pressure of 2,000 mm of water. High jacket quality is guaranteed.

What is water repellence?

A water repellent fabric allows water to glide over its surface without absorbing it: So the textile does not absorb the water and remains light and breathable. You will observe water droplets form and stream off the fabrics surface. A fabric becomes water-repellent by applying a treatment to its outer surface. This treatment must be renewed in the course of the garment's lifetime (every 3 washes).

How can I reactivate the water-repellency?

To reactivate water-repellent properties, we recommend washing your garment inside out using a 30C synthetic cycle and rinsing thoroughly. You can use your usual washing powder but no fabric softener. Then let your jacket dry in the open air, flat on a drying rack. Finally turn your garment the right way around, and put it in the tumble dryer, at a low temperature for 10 minutes. The heat will allow the fabrics water repellent nature to be reactivated.


There's a place where you can write your child's name to personalise the product. Handy when you want to find your ski suit at the nursery.




Inner pocket label for writing your child's name.


Reversible jacket. 1 side decorated on the sledge side, 1 side single colour.


Hood, elasticated cuffs and hem to prevent snow from getting in.


200 g/m wadding in the body. 100 g/m wadding in the hood.


2,000 mm coated decorated side, non-waterproof seams, water-repellent fabricHood


2 pockets on each side.






An ideal jacket in cold weather, thanks to its warm, thick wadded filling. It can be worn both ways, for even more style!



This reversible jacket was designed to protect your baby from the cold and snow while sledging.